Image collection of wild vascular plants

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This website contains photos of about 6000 different vascular plants from many regions of the world, especially Europe, Macaronesian Islands, South-Turkey, Tanzania, Georgia, Thailand, Mauritius, Ecuador, Central-America and the Caribbean. The images alone are not always suitable for determination, but for the most part they can help significantly.

This collection would have been poorer without the support of helping botanists and IT specialists from whom I received a lot of selfless professional support. Many thanks to them!

Current plant names are listed after and European occurrences after I marked ambiguous taxa names with “amb.” and displayed the adequate serial number of the New Hungarian Plantbook for the representatives of the Hungarian flora.

I also indicated the name of the country, sometimes the region, where the photo was taken. Many locations are also shown on a map. The accuracy of the markings is hundreds of meters for nature conservation reasons. All images are protected by copyright. If you find an error, recognize an undetermined plant, or have a question about the use of the images, please write to

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Tamás Exner